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Special Educational Needs Dept

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department nurture and encourage all student abilities to enthusiastically pursue excellence within each students’ capabilities. The SEN Department screens all enrolled students prior to commencing to 1st year using the CAT4: this helps to support the school to provide extra help and support for students based on the identification of need on an individual basis as well as in small groups. The SEN Department also liaises with external agencies to provide the required support and interventions. Regular communication with parents/guardians is central to the success of the programmes run by the department and an education plan is devised for each individual student to meet their learning needs. Reasonable Applications for Certificate Examinations (RACE) applications are made to the State Examinations Commission (SEC) on behalf of the students where applicable. The SEN department and the teaching staff of the school encourage high expectations and promote a positive learning environment. 

Dungarvan CBS

Dungarvan CBS