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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a phrase that carries lots of different meanings – here at the CBS this is our definition: School Pastoral Care is a systemic approach to education which seeks to value and develop the young person at every level. Through its pastoral care arrangements and provision, CBS demonstrates its continuing concern for the personal and social development of all its pupils, regardless of their age or ability, as individuals and as secure, successful and fully participating members of the school and its wider community. It involves the engagement of all the school policies, processes and programmes in the development of the appropriate systemic structures, roles and resources to support the development of the emerging adult.

What is Pastoral Care?

  • It is a structured system within the school which facilitates both the learning and personal development of our students.
  • Help students with decision making, prepare them for educational choices.
  • Pastoral Care is not just getting to know the pupils but it is also a continuous provision of what students need for their holistic development.
  • It should reflect the aims and objectives of our school which are implicit in our School Vision.

Pastoral Care Programmes 

The CBS is currently involved in The Amber Flag Programme.
The Amber Flag initiative aims to encourage Schools/Colleges/Clubs/Societies/Organisations to promote and actively bring about a culture change in the promotion of positive mental health within the educational system and other organisations. It is to enhance the already good work that is going on where mental health is concerned by offering an award.

Positive Mental Health aims to:

  • Promote mental health and well-being for all.
    B. Prevent mental health problems through increasing awareness, social support, reducing risk factors such as racism, bullying and isolation.
    C. Improving quality of life for students/people with mental health problems by promoting recovery through awareness and education.

The culture shift in Mental Health can only become the norm when challenges like achieving the Amber Flag become recognised as a central programme of activity in the schools/clubs and associations.

Please see link below to find more information on this programme:


Care of new students in fundamentally important in the CBS – Year Heads, Tutors, Chaplain and Guidance Counsellor(s) and the relevant Year Head and Tutor will provide advice and assistance to new students who join the Christian Brothers School during the academic year. The Year Head and Tutor will monitor the performance and integration of the relevant students.

Code of Behaviour

The Code of Behaviour is in place to facilitate learning and teaching in a positive, safe and secure atmosphere. The Code has been developed in partnership with the staff, students, parents and management.

Pastoral Care Team:

The pastoral care team meets regularly to review the ongoing needs of students and to plan ahead pastoral care needs within the school.

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