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About The School

Pastoral Care

Our school has a Pastoral Care Team that provides support and guidance for all students. The size of our school allows for teachers to know each students by name, creating a caring school community. In addition, each class has a Year Head responsible for the welfare of students in that year. The Year Head liaises with other members of the Pastoral Care Team, as well as parents/guardians, to encourage and enable students to cope with all aspects of daily student life.

At present we are involved in The Amber Flag Programme which aims to promote and actively bring about a culture change in the promotion of positive mental health within the educational system and other organisations.


Guidance and Counselling

Our School Counsellor provides support to students in their educational, personal and career needs. They work closely with the Special Educational Needs Department and the Year Heads. Students meet with the School Counsellor within their own class groups and also on a one to one basis to discuss matters relating to careers and personal areas of concern.


The Special Educational Needs Department

The Special Education Needs (SEN) Department nurtures and encourages all student abilities to enthusiastically pursue excellence within each students’ capabilities. The SEN Department assesses all enrolled students prior to commencing to 1st year: this helps to support the school to plan provision and to ensure continuity and progression in the student’s education. The SEN department provides extra help and support for students based on the identification of need on an individual basis as well as in small groups. The SEN Department also liaises with external agencies to provide the required support and interventions. Regular communication with parents/guardians is central to the success of the programmes run by the department and an education plan is devised for each individual student to meet their learning needs. Specific student targets and interventions are put in place and are regularly assessed and reviewed throughout the year and Reasonable Applications for Certificate Examinations (RACE) applications are made to the State Examinations Commission (SEC) on behalf of the students where applicable. The SEN department and the teaching staff of the school encourage high expectations and promote a positive learning environment. 


The Students’ Council

The Students’ Council is the official forum by which the student body can express their views and opinions on school related matters. Elections are held each September where each class elects their own representative.  A designated teacher liaises between the Students’ Council, the Principal and staff so that the student voice is heard in the school.


The Parents’ Advisory Council

CBS Dungarvan is very fortunate to have a very active Parents’ Advisory Council and this greatly enhances the life of the school. The Parents’ Council holds an AGM every September to elect its members. Membership is open to all Parents/Guardians of students attending the school. All parents are invited and encouraged to actively participate in the Parents’ Advisory Council, as their input is an integral part of the school.


Code of Behaviour

CBS Dungarvan has a Code of Behaviour for students which ensures effective and efficient management of the school. Students have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach. Our Code of Behaviour fosters learning in an orderly and positive atmosphere.  We aim to encourage our students to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves.


After-School Study is organised for 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th year students.  It is available Monday to Friday for two hours after school.  Study is supervised by teachers.


School Uniform consists of a grey shirt, school tie, crested school jumper, grey trousers and black shoes.  Sports gear is also necessary for PE classes. The school uniform may be purchased at Noel Devereux’s, Dungarvan. (058) 41113.


Parent/Teacher Meetings take place once a year for each year group. This affords both      parents/guardians and teachers an opportunity to discuss the student’s progress. Of course parents/guardians are welcome to make an appointment to see a teacher at any time. It is also customary to communicate by email, phone or through the student’s school diary.




Junior Cycle

First Year students participate in a subject taster programme which allows them to sample French, German, Art, Graphics, Applied Technology and Music, then select the subjects best suited to their individual aptitudes, talents and academic ability. 

Subjects include: English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, Science, French, German, Business Studies, Visual Art, Graphics, Applied Technology, Music, CSPE, SPHE, Religious Education, PE & Computers.


Transition Year

Transition Year is a one year optional programme.  It provides a bridge to enable students make the transition from Junior to Senior Cycle.  It encourages personal, social development and fosters academic achievement. 


CBS Dungarvan devises our own timetabled programme to cater for the needs of its students.  Our programme offers students a broad and balanced curriculum and provides the opportunity to try out new subjects from Senior Cycle. 

Subjects include:  Journalism, Photography, Public speaking, Cultural Activities, Heritage Studies, Art, Film Studies, Gaelic Studies, Engineering, Enterprise Education, Mathematical Methods, Career Guidance, Chemistry, Social Studies, Music, Speech & Drama, Graphics, Business Management, Religious Education and Agriculture.


Senior Cycle

Senior Cycle is of two years duration, at the end of which students complete the Leaving Certificate Examination.  Subject choices for Leaving Certificate are based on student aspirations, career choice and entry requirements for third level entry.  Students generally study seven subjects for the Leaving Certificate.

Subjects include:  English, Irish, Maths, French, German, Art, Economics, Accounting, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Engineering, DCG, PE, Career Guidance & Religious Education.


Extra-Curricular Activities & Sport

School Tours

One of the main highlights of the school year is the school tour.  To date, students have travelled to many European destinations including Paris, Rome, Milan, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Barcelona.  These tours are of vital importance to the students as they, not only, give the students the opportunity to experience a variety of different cultures but also to make life-long friends and to enhance their personal development.


Educational Trips

Throughout the year, many educational trips, such as visits to exhibitions, lectures, shows, museums, art galleries, wildlife parks and career days are organised for the students. These trips are of particular     importance in the areas of Career Guidance, English, Geography,     History, Science, Agricultural Science, Drama and Art.


Dunmore East

September is a very exciting time for the first year students as they all head off on the annual trip to the Dunmore East Adventure Centre.  This trip gives the new students the opportunity to get to know their peers and foster bonds which will last well into their adulthood. Throughout the day, students take part in a variety of outdoor         activities ranging from rafting and kayaking to assault courses.


Charity Work

Every year, the students of Dungarvan CBS take participate in many different activities in a bid to raise important funds for both local and national charities.  Recently, students were involved in the Concern Fast in which they raised a substantial amount of money for the charity.  Our TY students also participate in a range of community based activities as part of their personal and social development.


Wellbeing of our School Community

The wellbeing of our entire school community is paramount in our school.  Each year we have a “Being Well @ Dungarvan CBS” week.  Workshops are given to promote wellbeing, for example in the areas of nutrition, physical exercise, mindfulness, first aid etc.  During this week the entire school participates in a Greenway cycle/walk to emphasise the importance of exercise and fresh air in our lives and also to strengthen our school as a community.



Students at Dungarvan CBS are given a full range of opportunities to take part in physical education and competitive sports through inter-school activities.  All students are encouraged to make full use of these opportunities for their own personal benefit and to contribute to their overall development both physically and mentally.

Students have the opportunity to participate in: Hurling, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Rounders, Volley Ball, Basketball, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Table Tennis, Cross Country, Track and Field and Winter Running Leagues.


Our annual Sports Awards take place every May, where we recognise all sporting achievements of our students.  We honour both achievements in school as well as those attained outside of school. 


Each year Dungarvan CBS has an Academic Awards evening to acknowledge academic achievements of our students.  This evening allows the school, parents and students to    celebrate our students’ performance and hard work over the year.


Student Achievements in recent years

Engineering Technology Teachers Association National Award

Certified Irish Angus Beef School Competition 2020 Award

Waterford GAA Awards WLR – Schools Award 2019

Young Economist of the Year Bronze Medal 2020

Student Business Enterprise Awards

Naughton Foundation Scholarship

Scifest – Junior Science Category

Trinity College Scholarship 2019

DCU GAA Sports Scholarship

Eurofins Essay Competition

Dungarvan CBS

Dungarvan CBS